Monday, 7 December 2009

Intro to Mudbox, Game character project

For this project we were asked to take an existing character from tv or book.etc and make them in to a computer game character. I chose 'Kal Jerico', a bounty hunter from the Necromunda/Warhammer universe. Initial research for this character was tough but I managed to gather some visuals and put together a model sheet to work from.

The final game model was made using 3d Max (for texturing), Maya (for modeling), Photoshop cs3, Mudbox (vital to the project brief), Zbrush (because I don't like mudbox stencils) and Xnormal.

I'm happy with the outcome but there are plenty of areas I feel I could work on, such as more texture detail on the clothing and alphas to go with the hair.

Critique more than welcome!