Thursday, 28 October 2010

Long awaited update

Since starting as a texture artist at Dinamo productions I've been way busier outside of work than I ever could have predicted. Keeping a constant effort to work on my portfolio seems like a loosing battle but its probably my own fault for choosing such an ambitious project to complete. -_-

I haven't had time to work on Vexgnaw for a few weeks now so I'm officially putting him on pause until I have a a decent stretch of time to properly commit to him. Don't worry, I'm sure as hell not giving up on him!

Here's as far as I got :

I'm quite happy with the result so far, hopefully textures will truly make him come to life (looking forward to that bit.)

As for the time being I've decided to take what I've learnt making Vexgnaw and apply it to a fresh new project. So far I've just had time to block out a rough head base mesh. I'll be following information from Scott Spencer's "ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy" book. I'm currently using his heroic character model as a guide for my base mesh but wont be using Zbrush for the detailing =O. I'm also attempting to model by dragging out faces rather than subdividing from a box. Experimenting with topology... sad to admit but I'm finding it rather therapeutic. Here's the head I created:

I'm happy with the majority of it but do feel like there could be more Polys shaping the side of the nose, probably something I'll look in to after finishing the rest of the body.

I'll post an update of my progress asap. All comments/advise are welcome =) (currently fighting with the torso and arms.. mostly arms.)