Friday, 25 January 2013

Night Goblin WIP_01

This is a character project I started not long before christmas. I'm currently working on it during my spare time, mostly nights and the occasional lunch break.

The mesh was roughed out using 3dsmax before being converted to dynamesh in Zbrush. When I was happy with the major and minor forms I disabled dynamesh and subdivided the sculpt. I continued to further reinforce the minor forms and added detail passes as I subdivided higher.  The highest subdivision level contains several high detail passes created using custom alphas. These details as well as warts and scars were created on layers so I could edit the intensity. 

The character is a Night Goblin from the sinister world of Warhammer fantasy.

 When sculpting the Goblin I wanted to achieve slightly twisted but believable humanoid anatomy. Goblins and Orks in Warhammer are technically walking fungi so I wanted some areas of the body to seem distorted, elongated and not quite familiar.

 I also wanted the design to be quite muscular compared to average scrawny Warhammer goblins. This decision was influenced by two things. The first being a bit of lore-

  "Night Goblins have an exceptional knowledge of various types of fungus. As a result they have unique units which are fielded in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game. They are the most cowardly of all types of goblins but when under the influence of certain fungus they can be affected, resulting in increased physical and psychological attributes." I want my Goblin to be doped up on fungus beer :)

 The second influence was this fantastic painting by Adrian Smith. The only Goblin (although possibly a snotling) not wearing robes seems pretty muscular and visually it works well, very awesome!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

RTS Repair Tower - Freelance

The Repair tower 'heals' units within a close proximity. The arm on the top of the tower can rotate horizontally and vertically to target a chosen unit.  A particle effect will emit from the center of the tower's dish to display the healing process.