Saturday, 21 January 2012

BIG UPDATE - The Trapper

I've spent most of my free time working on a open-source multi-player game which blends first person shooter mechanics, with real time strategy elements and team based game-play. At its core its a continuation of the 2006 quake 3 mod 'Tremulous.'
I'm currently working as an environment artist in charge of creating alien buildables and re-texturing current alien models. Its a really exciting project and I can't wait to play the end result.

I've also updated my Portfolio Website please take a look!  any feedback is more than welcome.

The problem with being so busy is that I've forgotten to update the blog!  I've just added an entry to show the finished book prop but I'm afraid a further image spam is on its way.

The Trapper 'buildable'
The Trapper is a small alien defensive structure, it spits adhesive goo at opposing human players which come within range.  If hit and unless the human player is wearing a battle-suit, their turning speed will be drastically reduced, making them a vulnerable target to other alien buildables and/or alien players.

The old Trapper seen in Tremulous (2006):

Initial Concept:
Something we've tried to do with a lot of the updated alien buildables is to make them look more sentient.  I did a lot of different designs but settled on one of my later concepts.  I attempted to incorporate the old Trapper in to the new designs tail.  I like the idea that its evolved but kept some of its old identity.  Of course some of the development team like to joke that maybe it was just hiding under the ground before...  Little do they know that was one of the founding ideas that influenced my designs, hence why it looks like some sort of subterranean worm (The Graboids from the film Tremours were used as reference - awesome.)  I'm fond of the idea that maybe it was just cocooned under the surface awaiting its unholy metamorphosis!

High Poly Zbrush Sculpts and Polypaint texturing:

Final Low Poly Model, Renders and Breakdown.

Zbrush - Book (Incantartum Dragonomicon) - Low Poly

I've been busy working on another project but I found time to finish the low poly book I was working on. I'm happy with the way it came out. If I come back to it I think maybe adding some variations with a little extra damage on the cover might be interesting.

I used Maya for creating the low poly, Zbrush for high poly detailing and Xnormal to bake out the maps.