Friday, 31 July 2009

Forgot to include this in my last post but here's a quick illustration I created for my Valkyrie character. I wish I was given more time with this, it felt really rushed and uses a lot from my finished character turn arounds. Originally I wanted to create something from scratch so I could work on Corel Painter and try and learn some of the interface. Unfortuatly I couldn't afford to take the risk as I was running close to my deadline so I ended up back in Photoshop. Despite being unhappy with how this image was created Im pleased with the result.

More 2nd year work

This is a turn around for a character I produced for my major project. Shes a space Valkyrie! Had a lot of fun creating the designs for her. An unusual approach but I learnt so much! I bought a shape theory DVD from massive black which was a huge help and taught me lots. Andrew Jones has become a massive inspiration in my work. Good stuff =) I recommend it to anyone interested in concept art and illustration!

After going nuts on these designs I realised the whole point in designing this character was to make it in 3d. I cant say there wasn't a point where I wondered how on earth I'd go about this but I was having so much fun designing that I wouldn't let the doubting 3D artist in me take over. Eventualy I managed to think about what parts of the design worried me the most and came up with some solutions. I'll be posting the finished 3D version soon.

Below is the Valkyrie characters hover bike. Also had a lot of fun designing this. When I get into the swing of dispalying my artwork on this blog I'll probably end up posting all the crazy variations and weird contraptions that existed before it was finalised as a bike. I tried to keep some bold Norse influences into mind at all times when designing this.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

2nd year final project work

Here's some work I did for my major project in Uni. These are two illustrations I made for a friend and fellow student. She asked me to produce a design for two characters, an Orc and a Dragon for her fantasy inspired end of year film.

They were created using photoshop and I had great fun in the process. Whenever I try and practice digital painting for concept art and illustration I always find myself resorting to my usual photo-manipulation techniques. I don't know why this happens but I'm starting to realise that maybe instead of avoiding the techniques I already know maybe I should just adapt and experiment with them.

Although these Illustrations didn't take me too long to create I did manage to learn a few useful techniques and effects that I'll be sure to incorporate in to future works. If I had more time on these I'd probably like to clean up some of the edges and possibly work on rough backgrounds. The Dragon initially had wings too but I felt they didn't really do justice to the image as a whole so that's definitely something I'd like to come back to.