Thursday, 30 July 2009

2nd year final project work

Here's some work I did for my major project in Uni. These are two illustrations I made for a friend and fellow student. She asked me to produce a design for two characters, an Orc and a Dragon for her fantasy inspired end of year film.

They were created using photoshop and I had great fun in the process. Whenever I try and practice digital painting for concept art and illustration I always find myself resorting to my usual photo-manipulation techniques. I don't know why this happens but I'm starting to realise that maybe instead of avoiding the techniques I already know maybe I should just adapt and experiment with them.

Although these Illustrations didn't take me too long to create I did manage to learn a few useful techniques and effects that I'll be sure to incorporate in to future works. If I had more time on these I'd probably like to clean up some of the edges and possibly work on rough backgrounds. The Dragon initially had wings too but I felt they didn't really do justice to the image as a whole so that's definitely something I'd like to come back to.

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