Sunday, 4 December 2011

Zbrush - Book (Incantartum Dragonomicon)

The slightly pretentiously labeled 'Incantartum Dragonomicon.'  Quoting my friend, "Warhammery stuff is fun to name!"

This is another prop from my Dragon/Cultist lair environment.  I'm currently working on the low poly but this will be my last post until Christmas as I'm moving to Southampton tomorrow!  No internet until the 6th of Jan.. boo!
I've aimed for an amalgamation of Celtic, Arabic and even some Aztec patterns, which have come together quite nicely (I wanted clear influences, an unmistakable mix of cultures but not so much that the book was grounded in reality.)  Not sure about the runes on the front cover as the simplicity clashes with the detail of the rest of the book, I may make them look a little more complex. The two large blocks of symmetrical pages will also be hidden by randomly placed pages protruding at various angles.
The awesome watermarked design is by Josef Treweeks, I wasn't sure if it was a little extreme to watermark it but I wouldn't want anyone taking his artwork without his permission.  I'll be using this design and another throughout the environment so much thanks to him!