Sunday, 1 November 2009

Introduction to Maya - Environment

First project back in Uni was to create an environment in Maya. This is a programme most of us had never used before so it was a lot of work for the amount of time given. The project itself was very rewarding and some of the environments created were really awesome. The below is my result!

I was quite clearly influenced by the research methods of the recent 'Brutal Legend' game. I looked at a lot of metal album covers and my concepts went from 'Shrine' to 'Sacrificial Mosh Pit to the Gods of Rock!' Had a lot of fun with this one and managed to get some HD renders, so hope you like it!

There is a lot I'd do differently now I know more but in the end I think it was quite successful. Getting my head around hypershade was probably the hardest thing of this project but now I know how it works I can see how useful it can be. After using Maya for about 2 weeks I'd say I'd probably feel more comfortable modeling in 3dMax but I think I'd be inclined to texture in Maya.

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