Saturday, 27 February 2010

Establishing shot V.1

Handed in render Version one from Sean Rowlands on Vimeo.

View HD on Vimeo for best quality.

A collaborative piece done with Sean Rowlands, a friend studying motion design. We hope to add more in the following week to help make it more interesting. Currently we want to include a zoom out from the tower in the background, to bring the viewer in to the shot and various small changes to the background. A subtle twisting movement in the background, spaceships?, low opacity clouds, rain that seems more effected by the wind and shadows on the characters are a few of the changes on our list. Any feedback would be great!


  1. This is cool as a cucumber! Finally, a collab between cg and the motion guys! It looks really cool butt, Well done to you both!

  2. cool stuff, Dan. The shot seems too long. Personally I would cut it around the 5 sec mark, then cut to what the characters are doing. I also feel the rocks on the left part of the screen, is too bland in color and shape. If its a harsh landscape, then make the rocks pointier. The texture feels like a tiled texture map...

  3. Thanks guys, the rocks in the foreground are no.1 on my list to change. Its too obvious that I rushed them but I'll go back and refine.