Wednesday, 18 August 2010

05_Vexgnaw WIP

Some tests with displacement maps, rendered in 3dMax. I'm hoping to get a similar test up in Maya asap.

*Updated with progress so far before I go to bed =) I aim to get the chest complete before I try and replicate it all in Maya.


  1. This is very nice Dan! Looking forward to the rest of the meal

  2. Good shout with the displacement maps btw, only now realised, thought it was a zbrush render, they have come out really well butt!
    How did you find the displacement workflow from zbrush?
    It seems this answers the 'model for film' question pretty well ;D, well done dude!
    (cud you fix the image above so it can go bigger)

  3. Thanks a lot Jamie! I've never done a character for film and thought it might be a good experience. Although so far I've found game characters a hell of a lot easier =P I'm currently mixing normal maps with the displacement for extra detail but I've been finding displacement maps a bit of a nightmare! (Pretty much experimenting) My main problem has been exporting the maps from Zbrush. All tutorials I can find point to Zbrush 3.1's plug-in 'Multi Displacement Exporter 3' which allows you to tweak the maps so that they are better suited for use in 3d max rather than maya, XSI or vise versa. It also has 'quick codes' that you can enter that provide you with set options for exporting to these separate 3d packages. However with 3.5 it seems they've got rid of this plug-in, replacing it with a built in displacement map generator which keeps the options to a minimum and ditches the 'quick-codes.' Bad news trying to learn when all tutorials point to this 3.1 plug-in =( I've just been tweaking them how I can and slowly learning what does what.

    *I'll try fixing the image now, cheers.

  4. Cool butt! Good your still ploughing on with the learning after uni, thats what will make you stand out down the line. I know the feeling, you spend weeks learning a sweet workflow then BANG zbrush 4 and its shiney new stuff needs learning :D.
    its looking great so far dude!
    Hows Dinamo going?

  5. Damn it... I forgot all about Zbrush 4! Maybe it'll solve my problem, although more than likely it'll cause more. =P

    I haven't started at Dinamo yet, but not long now, just over a week! Really looking forward to it but super nervous!