Friday, 4 May 2012

Unvanquished Alpha 3

So 'Unvanquished' the open source game I've been working on has just had its 3rd alpha test released.
You can download it here:
Just to note: the image featured was not created by me, its the new interface/menu, Shiny!

The team has worked hard on this and its great to see the progress we've made already.  This build includes the new 'Dretch' model which I created the high poly and texture maps for.  It should also contain 2 of my other models previously featured on this blog: The 'Trapper' and 'Acidtube.'

I look forward to seeing the Tyrant in future builds, the animations are already looking great (thanks to Gavlig) :)

New in this release:

  • The finished dretch! Fully textured and animated.
  • A new interface! The main screen has been redone, along with the menus and the map loading screen.
  • Players with older hardware can turn off the new models for increased performance, using these three cvars:
  • In regards to gameplay, we've added anti-spawnblocking, as well as a few tweaks to the lucifer cannon, pulse rifle, and flamethrower. The tweaks are off by default, and may be enabled on a hosted server for testing.
  • We've cleaned up the voting code, and in addition to some changes, we've added two new vote types. Spectate votes will force players onto the spectator team, and function as a lighter kick. Polls, an old favorite, have been implemented too! To enable them, use g_pollVotesPercentage, with the value set to the winning percentage.
  • For in-game administrators, troublesome players can be locked onto the spectator team for a little while, using the speclock andspecunlock commands. In addition, you can now warn players.
  • For HUD designers, you can now use health bars and build timer progress bars.
  • A GLSL shader cache allows for faster loading times for those using the new renderer.
  • The console, for those running from a terminal, now has support for 256 colors.

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