Monday, 15 April 2013

Night Goblin WIP_20

*Edited post image - added shoes.
I've added lots of 'lovely' Goblin props.  He sure loves to accesorise.
The props need a few tweaks here and there but are mostly done par spec map.

  1. Moon trinket necklace.
  2. Earings and metal bangles/bracelets
  3. Leather/squig skin strap/sash to attach props.
  4. Small bones to act as connection points for props.
  5. 2x cracked potion pots filled with goo.. fungus beer?
  6. Skull trophy with 2x beard scalps.  Dwarfs, boo!
  7. Knoted Squig skin coin purse filled with (most probably) disgusting stuff. 
  8. A small dead Squig to fill with mushrooms.
  9. Leather bag to fill with even more mushrooms.

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