Saturday, 12 June 2010

Graduate Showreel

Daniel McCarthy Graduate Showreel from Daniel McCarthy on Vimeo.

My Graduate showreel, containing clips from a variety of projects I undertook during my 3rd year studying Computer Animation at Glamorgan University : Atrium. The showreel also contains clips from a collaboration project called 'spider attack,' a short visual effects sequence by Myself (Daniel McCarthy - CG artist), Sean_Rowlands (VFX artist) and Mark Nicholas (Animator).


  1. Sweet butt! Collabing with Sean really made this unique, and very up to date! You and the rest of the guys have paved the way for next years lot and raised the bar yet again!
    Nice music btw ;D

  2. Yep I agree with Jamie, It's a nice reel that should hopefuly stand out. Good luck with the job hunting now lol.

  3. Thanks guys! It was damn stressful to get it all finished, especially as I never indented to make an interior environment =P Collaborating with Sean was great, greenscreen work is something I've always wanted to experience and proved good fun! I just realised I've managed to have a little go at everything that interested me this year, quite fulfilling!