Saturday, 26 June 2010

'Vexgnaw' Character Concept

This is a concept for a self set project I'm currently working on. Consider it fan art for 'Warhammer 40k.' I love the universe its set in and thought I'd like to do nothing more than create some concepts and character models while I have some spare time.

*I'll update this post with more information regarding the character and project soon

Warhammer 40,000 is © Games Workshop


  1. WOW serious detail! very sweet!

  2. very cool, dan. its got a comic book like style to the drawing, would very interesting if you could preseve that style going into 3d.

    Also maybe he needs some stitches to keep those guts inside:-)

  3. Nice concept! Agreed, this style wud give a unique feel in 3d. Be careful with your reference though, some of the details are a lot like Bulgarov's Rabagh, especially the grenades. Keep up the good work dude

  4. Thanks guys! Lol Jamie, you beat me to it. I was going to mention it was inspired by Vitaly Bulgarov's Rabagh tutorial although I never intended such similarities with the grenades. I was concentrating on learning some of his techniques but I aim to do some more concepts so hopefully I'll create something more original now =P (I'm changing the grenades)

  5. Ha ha! Sorry budd, It is a very hard thing to avoid, especially when you get so inspired by an artist such as the Bulgarov. Sometimes it even happens subconciously, I cut a pizza into the shape of Darth Vaders helmet once :D.
    Its still a great piece dude, and a powerful pic, looking forward to what you come up with next. And thumbs up on working in spare time, takes some doing but is the way to go!

    BTW did you buy Vitalies DVD? If so is it worth it? I bought Josh Nizzis robot design from Gnomon and was really disapointed

  6. Yea I found the robot design DVD disappointing too. Interesting use of software but no good unless you've got a library of vehicular parts to kit-bash.

    I think Bulgarov's Rabagh tutorial is a lot better but It somehow feels like its missing out stuff. The DVD doesn't really walk you through any kind of low poly version of the model but seems to jump from concept straight in to high poly. I found this the most frustrating aspect of the DVD as trying to get my head around how he creates his low poly after his high poly gives me a headache.. Does he bring out a lower subdivision model from zbrush? Does he use something like TopoGun to create the low on top of the high? God knows but I'd sure like to find out! =P
    It also pretty much ends as soon as he's done in Zbrush so texturing isn't touched upon either.

    I'd say It would probably be useful for anyone interested in learning hard surface modelling or pushing their skills modelling in XSI. That said I think the DVD is advertised as 'Modelling for Next Gen Games' and his website shows that model at roughly 35k tris. High for a game (I think) but still an awesome model.

    He does a little overview of XSI but not enough for me to be able to use it, his accent is quite hard to understand at points. Overall its not so great if you want to learn the particular software but you'll gain a lot from understanding his methods and appreciating his art.

    I hope that makes sense... I seem to have taken a simple question and turned it in to an essay -_- Shows how often I get to talk about modelling =D

  7. Ha ha! A valid review that has saved me a few bucks :D. A bit guttin, those vids are so deceiving.
    Thanks butt, spk soon!