Tuesday, 6 July 2010

01_Vexgnaw WIP

Made a start on Vexgnaw today although there's still a lot of work to do before he looks more like the concept. I'm still piecing him together and working out what needs to be done and how I'm going to do it.

The only thing bothering me is working out how I'm going to go about the hard surface detailing, I'd like to get sufficient detail while keeping it relatively low poly.* If anyone can tell me any tips or knows any books, webpages that might help me learn hard surface detailing techniques I'd greatly appreciate it.

*Making two versions for Film and Game.

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  1. Hey Dan!
    Nice progress. I don't now if you've already figured a workflow for this guy but your goin the right way about your base mesh, blocking in shapes and keeping the mesh clean (quads).

    Heres what I'd do:
    Once you've got your base mesh sorted, export the pieces into zbrush subtools. Work through the subtools sculpting your details etc.
    You are eventually goin to hit a sub div level that is impossible to get back into max/maya and work with. The trick here is to download 'Decimation master' from Pixelogic. When youve finished the high poly use it to reduce the density of your zbrush base mesh it will keep the details and silhouette youve sculpted.
    Export this new reduced mesh into max and duplicate it then freeze the original with a losih opacity. Now you can reduce and tweek the topology on the duplicated mesh to make your lowpoly games model, or just tweek it for a film model. Use the frozen decimated mesh as a guide for keeping the form when your strippin polys. I wouldnt worry about Topogun and other retopo tools for this model. (Those tools are nice to use when youve created a creature from workflows such as zspheres and zsketch).
    Once you have unwrapped this tweeked mesh you can use the unrefined decimated mesh (the frozen 1) to use as your highpoly bake.

    Hope this helps dude
    Hes coming on well!