Wednesday, 27 April 2011

DW V Gun progress_02

Here is some progress on the DW gun. I've hit a bit of a stand-still with concerns to where the ammunition is stored and how it'll reload.etc I've designed it to have two types of ammunition, an energy based cell inserted into the main grip and a more traditional clip, inserted into the top back. I'm keen on the current placement of the main clip (drawing inspiration from the P90) although its currently too small. My favoured option here is to elongate the clip without destroying any of the transformations. I've also got to figure out an accessible way of reloading as the elongated clip would have to be under a rail (A rail the scope sits upon in its sniper function.)

Other options would be to change where the main ammunition clip inserts, although on my second image, both B. and C. would get in the way of its alternate functions.

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