Monday, 18 January 2010

01 Colab - Robot Legs

I'm making a spider robot for a classmate as part of my collaboration this year. I thought I'd post up my progress as part of more regular updates to my blog. My first day working on this project and I've managed to re-create the robot leg from the initial design sheet given to me. Its taken a fair bit of tweaking to get a shape we're happy with but not too stressful! Here is the leg so far and a test to make sure the model can move about. Its not my job to rig or animate this but I've got to make sure the model can move about so my collaborator wont have trouble =)

As always comments are welcome, especially in this early stage.


  1. looking great there, Dan. For who ever is rigging it, I might suggest looking ""Float Limits" up in the Max help file. Basically limiting the rotation of the joints, so the rig doesn't penetrate the mesh where it shouldn't.

  2. Thanks Toke! Its for Mark Nicholas so I'll let him know, although I have a feeling he'll want to rig it in maya. Ick

    Hmm.. thats brought me to the horrible realisation that I may have to texture this in maya. Good thing this crossed my mind earlier than later!