Tuesday, 19 January 2010

02 Collab - Robot Legs

Here's today's work. Lots of tweaking/adjusting done to the shape of the leg, attempted to give it a more organic shape as the creature itself is supposed to be bionic. The claw was also changed to make it look more unusual and give it a bit of variety. I've also redesigned the claw to work more as if it were a type of spring-loaded mechanism. I think this new design will work well especially making seance off gripping and scaling vertical surfaces as my collaborator intended it to animate.

Here's a possible idea for a form of attack using the new design as a more 'interesting' weapon. I'm yet to run it past the person I'm doing this for, so as for now this will stay as an idea and only in very basic form. It basically just uses the new 'spring-loaded' claw as a type of spinning blade, this just gives the creature a bit more variety in possible attacks.

Now the shape of the leg is almost finalised I need to go in and cut down on some poly's and sort out any messy topology. Hopefully I can make a good start on the body tomorrow.

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