Thursday, 28 January 2010

05 Collab - New head design

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the head at the moment. I think there are some features I'd like to mess with more but straying too far from the initial design idea isn't good. We decided to get rid of the large eyes as it felt too human and the remaining four, smaller eyes made it look far more intimidating. After more thought my animator friend and collaborator decided larger eyes should be re-included, reason being it could show emotion through its eyes and the current ones were too small for that. I've tried my best to create more animistic eyes now (as opposed to humanoid but something doesn't feel quite right, perhaps the profile is too flat?

If anyone has any input I'd be grateful to hear it.

I've just managed to create a mock-up of the body so far, work still to be done so the model isnt finished yet. Images below.

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  1. Hey Dan! This looks like it would crawl around a metal web listening to thrash metal :D. I like the shape front the front view, nice silhouette. I think what you are looking for in the face is a brow bone, something to assume the eyes are in a socket of the skull. It may help but what you got is looking sweet.