Friday, 1 February 2013

Night Goblin WIP_02

Before I and move on to sculpting the robes.etc,  I've decided to retopologise my existing subtools.  My current progress shown in the image (3dsMax screengrab, sorry for poor quality!)

Next I aim to unwrap the new meshes and project the existing high poly subtools on to them in Zbrush.

I usually skip projecting in Zbrush, favoring baking my maps in Xnormal using separate low and high poly obj's.  This has become the workflow I am most accustomed to so hopefully I'll learn a thing or two by doing things differently.  Exporting and playing with displacement maps may be a bonus too :)

Sticking to a low polycount (under 1k tris) has been the focus of a lot of my recent freelance work so it'll be nice change to aim high with this character.  For this project the final polycount isn't a major concern but I'm aiming for a solid portfolio piece, influenced by high end, current gen games.   Characters from 'The Witcher 2' have been a big influence, ranging at an average of about 14 - 25k tris.  35k for some of the more complex main character outfits.  I'll probably post my research in a later post.

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