Thursday, 21 February 2013

Night Goblin WIP_12

Baked maps and had time for a quick screeny of the low poly with maps applied in marmoset.

Maps on show are Diffuse colour (+AO and Cavity), Normal map and Translucency applied to the ears.  No spec colour, gloss or emissive yet.

There are some visible seams due to splitting the mesh into seperate objects because Marmoset doesn't (I think) support multi-sub objects.  Seams are pretty much invisible in Max.  When the model is finished I may look to get some shots out of Max using Xoliul's Viewport Shader.

I've split the Goblin into three texture sheets, although its really two sheets with an optional third.
Texture sheets are as follows:

  • Texture sheet one includes:  Face, eyes, teeth and tongue.  The face is what I want the viewer to really engage and considering I started the project with the intent of creating a shiny portfolio piece it made sense for me to dedicate a large amount of room for the face.
  • Texture sheet two includes:  Body, pants and necklace.  Once I've completed the robes, the goblin's body (plus pants and necklace) won't be seen.  The body is quite large so squeezing it amongst pieces that will always be visible seemed wrong to me.  Now I can give other objects more space and save resources by not loading the body texture when not needed.  Its definitely good to have the option especially if I decide to make a group of goblins later on, lots of variety! 
  • Texture sheet three includes:  Arms and legs. Unlike the body and unless I decide to make shoes, these parts will always be visible   If the final model didn't include a robe covering the body I'd have a single texture sheet for everything below the neck.

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